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Still Letting Everything Sink In

Ivory Tower has spent the last couple of days in a moderately sober and exceedingly nerdy fashion because he's got to "study" for "Law School."

Yeah, he watched the 3-hour long snuff film which took place in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Friday and, yes, he partook in Red Solo Cup 'n' Friends victory steaks but, other than that, he's been gettin' his dork on.

Hence the fact that he's actually posting.

The rest of us are still fighting through our Thanksgiving+Egg Bowl+Rivalry Week+FUCK YOU CROOM AAAAAHH hangover/carbohydrate overload. We've all got opinions 'n' observations 'n' shit for you as soon as this haze of nauseous exhaustion lifts from our victimized, weakened bodies.

Potential bowl commentary awaits. If someone (and you know who you are) will get off of his lazy ass and write something or two about basketball, that's also in store. Whiskey Wednesday will likely write a postgame report which won't tell you anything you don't know already; things like "we beat them like they owed us money" and "their offense played like paraplegics." I'll likely pump out some snarky nonsense myself if you're all ready for it.

Point is, we're in recovery mode. Once we're good and ready, we'll give you more of what you want.

Post Scriptum - Serious congratulations are in order to the Rebel seniors who dominated their last game in VHS. Also, congrats to Mississippi State for winning the Character Cup! Huzzah!