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Rebel Roundup

Houston Nutt is a such a weirdo. Exhibit # 1,107 I don't know how I missed this in the Clarion-Ledger a few days ago, but to Coach Nutt, LSU always looks the same:
. "[They] always look beautiful. They look good in a uniform. Whether it's the offensive line, defensive line, receivers or whatever - they fill out a uniform and have some awfully good football players."
Next he'll be telling us about Les Miles' "really fantastic testicles; they're so big."

Speaking of beautiful. When was the last time you looked at Kentrell Lockett? That is one happy looking man. Check out Patrick Trahan, Ashlee Palmer, and even Nathan "Smokin' Hot Mom" Stanley. These are some sour looking fellows. Even, Greg Hardy, who ought to be happy by virtue of chemical alteration, just looks pissed/confused. Kentrell, though, has a smile that will brighten your day, while he busts up your face.

Daytime Fireworks Journalism. I've given former DM Sports Writer and friend of The Cup Thomas McKee a hard time before, so I'll assume that the recent Ole Miss INSIDER piece he penned, which offers the cunning and original insight that going to a bowl is important for our program, is likely owed to the brilliance of Langston Rogers and not to Thomas, himself. I can't throw stones, Tom. Why? Because I am covering Ole Miss sports in a mundane way fo' free!