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Rebel Roundup

  • Congratulations are in order for the Warhawks. They have outpaced every Sun Belt Conference team except woeful North Texas en route to becoming the second bowl ineligible team out of the group. Hopes continue to fly high for bitter rival (?) UL-Laff., Arkansas St., Florida International, Florida Atlantic, and Middle Tenn. Special kudos to Troy State University - the only bowl-eligible team in the Sun Belt.
  • On that note, the Sun Belt has the fewest bowl-eligible teams in FBS football. The ACC has 8, the SEC has 6, the Big 10 has 6, the Pac 10 has 5, the Big East has 5, the Mountain West has 4, the MAC has 3, C-USA has 3, the WAC has 2.
  • On the subject of that ACC, every team except NC State still has legitimate bowl aspirations - including Duke (4-5), Clemson (4-5), and Virginia (5-5). That's more than the SEC can say (I'd be looking sternly at Tennessee and Auburn, but either I cannot see Fulmer for Tubb's ears, or the other way around).
  • The Rebels are favored, obviously, by 21 points against the Warhawks. That beats LSU's 19-point spread over the Troy State University Trojans.