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Not Just a Sign of the Apocalypse, but the Thing Itself.

With the release of the release of the latest BCS Standings showing the Florida Gators still at #4, the college football world needs to start asking whether two teams from the same conference might meet in the National Championship game.

Were you wondering whether or not there was some rule against such an occurrence, amateurs on message boards provide a definitive answer.

The scenario is simple - Florida, Texas, and Texas Tech win out, but Florida's SEC Championship win does not provide the boost necessary to jump Texas. The Gators are ranked 3rd and 4th in the USA Today and Harris Interactive Polls, respectively. Their hypothetical SEC Championship would certainly help their computer ranking (5th), but that bump could be counter-balanced by the Gators' game against The Citadel next weekend.

One might even ask SHOULD the Gators get the nod over the Longhorns. Texas comes from a tougher conference, has more quality wins, and provided the only test thus far to Texas Tech. Sure, they've already had their chance. Sure, they won't have a conference title. And, sure, you and I think Florida is going to beat just about anybody by double digits these days. Nevertheless, this college football thing is special because the whole season matters, and Texas' whole season looks like it might be prettier than the Saurians.

Texas' only blemish comes from the greatest catch of the season against an undefeated team on the road. Florida got giggitied in Ben Hill Griffin. This is only to say that there are no guarantees that voters will manipulate their polls (a la Georgia 2007) and demote Texas sufficiently to avoid what would certainly be one of the most talked-about rematches in the history of athletics.

EDIT: Of course the smartest guy in the room thinks I'm just silly.