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New RSC Poll: The Fate of the Walrus

With regards to the most recent poll, only 3.3% of voters chose what has become our most likely bowl destination: The Cotton Bowl. Congrats to you few, proud Cup fans with the insanity/foresight to make such a bold choice. To the people Arkansas fans who took up the 18.8% of the poll's votes selecting "Ole Miss won't bowl," you can kiss my ass.

And I don't mean 18.8% of the time, either. Have fun watching our asses on TV come January.

This newest poll focuses on another matter of great importance to the Ole Miss fan base: the employment of one Sylvester Croom. No matter which way you slice it, he's a shitty head coach. Last season, he nearly became the victim of Ed Orgeron's lone SEC victory... marinate in that one for a moment.

Alright, moment over. Honestly, he's done nothing more than ride a wacky 2007 season based more on luck than coaching ability into a contract extension and (short-lived) respectability. We Rebels hope that he stays at State for a long while and, with the firing of the first ever black SEC head coach being a likely media shitstorm, this may end up being the case.

So, cup fans, how fired is Sylvester Croom?

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