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LSU Preview

Well, this preview is going to be a little different than past previews. I could have written about the matchups between the teams, broken down who we would need to rely on, etc. but I think that has been especially played out for this game. Instead, I'm serving up a cold pitcher of Kool-Aid. After this video, I'll begin a Spirit-style pep-talk. I know, that's not generally our bag, but this weekend, it is. I'm tired of losing to the tigers. I'm sick and tired of never being mentioned on SportsCenter and only seeing highlights of us playing poor defense on Percy Harvin. So I wrote this, more than anything to pump myself up for the game. We're going to be there, and we'll certainly be sauced.

This is THE game. It's our biggest game since the LSU game in 2003. It's not going to end the same way. It can't. Chad Lavalais doesn't play for LSU anymore. But more than that, our team is hungry. They're hungry for blood. For all the build up to that 2003 game, the rebels came out sluggish. That can't happen this Saturday. It WON'T happen. The rebels are going to win this game. They're going to do it for Houston Nutt. They're going to do it for Kent Austin and Tyrone Nix.
But more than that, they're going to do it for Peria Jerry, who chose to stay for his senior year. They're going to do it for Michael Oher, who did the same. Mike Wallace, Jason Cook, Maurice Miller, Darryl Harris, Tony Fein, Dustin Mouzon, Jamarca Sanford. This is a game for the SENIORS. The guys who had to put up with Coach O yelling at them, removing the love of the game. It's for the players who have bled and sweat on the field only to come up short so many times.

It's also for you and me. It's for everyone who stuck it out and stayed a fan. We, the contributors to Red Solo Cup, are going to be at the game this Saturday in Death Valley. I suggest you be there too. You don't want to miss the best day to be a rebel in a long, long time.

When things look down in the game, and I'm sure that they will, remember this. We were down 17-7 at the half against a team that beat South Carolina 56-6, Georgia 49-10, and most of all LSU 51-21, but the team didn't quit. In the face of despair in Gainesville, the team kept fighting. Even after they had just handed a sure victory to Vanderbilt on seven turnovers, the team was not out of steam. Kentrell Lockett wasn't ready to quit when he blocked the extra point that would have tied the game. The entire defense wasn't ready to quit when they held Tim Tebow, the Heisman winner, to a loss on the most important play of his season.

Never give up on this team. They have fought hard battles, never giving up, and they deserve something more than that.
In closing, if you hear of anyone being killed by an LSU fan this weekend after we win, that's probably one of us. We've already decided that after we win, we're going to talk loads of crap. Loads and loads.

Prediction: Rebs by four

What are y'all's predictions?