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LSU HATE WEEK - YouTube numero dos

If you'll recall, a while back I wrote a post with a slew of YouTubes which showed LSU fans in their typical insanely douchey douchedom. There were grown men doing Da SoUlJa BoI(!!1), a guy too drunk to stand, and a coonass sliding head first into a table. The shot, if you'll recall, was taken from about 40 feet away. Well, faithful Cup fans, bask in the glory of this extended version of that same incident from a mere 6 ot 7 feet away.

BOOM! Headshot

What a great sound... ker-CLACK!

And what an appropriate allegory to this upcoming Saturday! The Tigers are going to slide along along their bellies (as they maybe-not-really-kinda-sorta have been doing all season long) until up pops our Rebels like the end of a table! I also imagine that, if he even gets a chance to play, Jarrett Lee will end up writhing on the ground in pain like our video's star after his meeting with Jerry, Locket, and Powe LLP.

Oh, and you know he's super-duper-way-out-in-orbit fucked if Hardy doesn't forget his magic shoes.