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Jamar Hornsby?

Per reports on Rivals and various message boards, former Florida Gator safety Jamar Hornsby is interested in becoming a part of our beloved Rebels. Hornsby, a former 4-star athlete out of Jacksonville, deservedly gained his fair share of notoriety earlier this year when he was found guilty of credit card fraud.

Oh, but this wasn't some simple ol' "I haxxor3d ur Ebayz" credit card fraud. No, no. This was credit card fraud of the "my teammate and his girlfriend died in a motorcycle wreck so now I'm using her card to snatch up some 5 dollar footlongs" variety.

My question to you, the faithful readers of Le Cup, is "would you take him?" Personally, I'm a bit torn. While I'd love to have a large (6'3", 195lbs in high school), athletic safety anchor our secondary, I don't know if that's the kind of press Ole Miss needs.
Let us know what you think.