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I'm a big Ole Miss fan... but damn.

So... apparently, against all odds, Alabama fans are actually CRAZIER than we believed.

I don't want to poke fun at what was obviously a sick, sick thing happening. I mean, two people died. That's just insane. What brings someone to do that? While trying to avoid too much humor, I can't fathom how the conversation went.

LSU fan: Well, y'all won, but we sure did put up a fight.

Bama fan: Bear Bryant would have won by more points over that faggot quarterback y'all have down there.

LSU fan: Take that back, or I'll shoot you.

Bama fan: Too late. BLAM.

I mean, if my everyday life contained the possibility of being shot whenever I insulted someone or felt insulted, I would be dead. Also, I would move.

It's things like this that give the South the reputation it has for its obsessed fans, and in this instance, they're very right. Alabama fans, you may not be crazier than Arkansas fans, but you're close.