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Fun While It Lasted

Even so, we ought to remember well that Coach Crumz was able to muster two wins (one blowout) against the mighty Rebels.

Greg Byrne, athletic director at Mississippi State, said that the school will honor the buy-out with Coach Croom. His buy-out is confidential, but considering the man makes made $1.7 million per year, it must be some amount with which I could buy a whole lot of cheap scotch. As far as names to replace Croom, ESPN reported the usual suspects - Gary Patterson at TCU, Brent Venerables (sic?) of Oklahoma, and Skip Holtz of East Carolina. Ellis Johnson, the former defensive coordinator at Mississippi State, must be a candidate. If Greg Byrne is not a total idiot, he will seek out Brian Kelly of Cincinnati or Tommy Bowden (formerly) of Clemson. How many of these people will actually be interested in this job is a bigger question.

My off the reservation suggestions include an energetic coach that has reenergized a dormant BCS program and a consistent winner with a proven record of winning big games.