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Daily Reveille Exposes Red Stick Fans

This just in from LSU's The Daily Reveille:

LSU Fans are douches.

The entirety of the hard-hitting, investigative journalism is here, but this snippet gives you the general idea:

Last weekend was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and I’m not talking about the football team’s heartbreaking loss to Alabama.

I’m talking about the hours I spent around campus tailgating — but not as a regular Tiger.

For this game, a fellow staffer and I, armed with a video camera and microphone, ditched our normal attire, threw on crimson-and-white sweatshirts and walked through campus to see what it would be like behind enemy lines.
"Rip. Rip. Rip. Rap. Rap. Rap. You ‘Bama girls got the clap, clap, clap!"
[T]he amount of times we were spit on also struck a nerve.
Without dwelling on the satisfaction derived from a journalistic acknowledgment of LSU's lewdness or the irony of Tiger fans deriding the (perceived) women of Tuscaloosa for their sexually transmitted diseases (Pot, kettle, and all), I should just note that both the character of Tiger fans and their lack of literary skill ensure the remoteness of the possibility that the final plea of The Reveille's article...
[M]aybe we need to tone it down — just a bit.
...will in any way be heeded.