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A Confession

Ok, the gig's up. The SquawkEm HawkEm blog/dastardly web character was nothing more than Juco All-American and me passing some time. It all started about a week-and-a-half ago or so when Juco couldn't find a ULM blog with which to do a blogger Q&A.... we just made one up.

After a few days it just became a wildly hilarious inside joke. When I would look through the comments threads and see either a ULM fan seriously wishing to talk football or an Ole Miss fan reciprocating our shit talkin', I would get crazy mad giggle fits. When sharing this with Juco or other Cup contributors, I'd usually end my text messages with "SQUAWK SQUAWK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!" or something equally asinine.

To the Ole Miss fans who figured it out: thanks for not blowing our cover.

To the Ole Miss fans who gave that SquawkEmHawkEm bastard his fair share of trash talk: kudos on your fandom and defense of our Rebels.

To the ULM fans who delighted over the idea of a new Warhawks blog: we're sorry (kinda-sorta-not-really) for having a huge laugh at your expense. Also, whoever runs the ULM Scout site needs to remove the sticky "New Warhawks Blog!" thread from the forum. We're not going to keep updating it. Hell, if any of you would like to have the blog we'll just give it to you.

Have a good rest of the weekend, Rebels. LSU hate week starts tomorrow so get 'cha popcorn ready.