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Are we LSU's rival?

The short answer is, of course, yes.

The long answer is as follows:

"I mean, Ole Miss isn't really our rival."

"Ha Ole PI-YUSS thinks were there Rival haha taht's dumb LOL!"

How often have you heard or seen that? A few of my good friends who are either LSU students or alumni have even spouted off that nonsense. They argue that since we haven't been incredibly competitive in the series since the turn of the century that the annual matchup doesn't deserve the "rivalry" monniker anymore. Well, LSU, I guess that Tulane isn't a rival of yours anymore. I guess Alabama can no longer be Auburn's rival after Tubs snatched 6 in a row from them. I guess Florida should then considered one of our major rivals being as how the Ole Miss/Florida series has literally been the single most competitive SEC series since 2000.

What a crock. A rivalry is not determined by what has happened over the last few seasons. Only a short-sighted buffoon would suggest such a thing. Rivalries are age-old and develop over long periods of time. Rivalries, in a bizarre way, are like family in that you, in your present state, cannot just pick and choose who-is-what all willy-nilly like. Rivalries existed before you, and they'll be there after you're dead.

"Oh but Alabama has Saban and Auburn is good and we play Florida every season(eaux)."

All true statements, but I don't see your student body designing any phallic trophies for those games. The fact that LSU, not Ole Miss, thought up this Magnolia Bowl bullshit is more than enough proof that the Ole Miss/LSU rivalry is not a one-way street leaving Oxford.

You play the Billy Cannon punt return on your jumbotron before home games.

Your fans wear "Go to Hell Ole Miss" buttons to games which don't even feature Ole Miss.

You write crap like this (and post it on a Pittsburgh Steelers forum?)

Heck, our rivalry even extends beyond the gridiron onto the hardwood and diamond. I'm sure you remember Clarence Sanders knocking down the long two over Big Baby to seal the deal two seasons ago and I know you haven't forgotten about getting mercy-ruled out of Hoover by the very coach who you attempted (and failed) to hire away from us.

Don't pretend like there isn't an age old tradition of hating Ole Miss down on the bayou. You love to hate us and, guess what, we love to hate you too.

EDIT: Your jackass coach even seems to think we're rivals.