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Women of the Opposition: Arkansas

Every week or every other week depending on my consumption of grain alcohol, we delve into the land of promiscuity known as "The Women of the Opposition." The SEC is heralded for our fantastic level of football, but there are quite a few mentions of the eye candy parading about our stadiums and tailgates as well.

Rarely ever has such beauty been seen than at an Arkansas sporting event. The fine caliber of women goes unmatched across the SEC.

A few examples: Woo. Pig. Sooie. Obviously in the "natural state" they spell sexy, S-O-W.

I would be morally remiss to not include some pictures of good looking Arkansas wimmens.

The most important message in all of this is that when you go to Fayette-nam this weekend. Keep your pants on.

You can't spell, "Oh, shit, I got gonorrhea in Arkansas" without Arkansas