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Tuesday Question

Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, there is the sporadic occasion where, either for our benefit or for to exercise the thinkifiers of the masses, we ask you a question. Today's question is ...

Why has John Parker Wilson failed to totally screw up a game so far?

Say what you will about Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson (I say that he cares more about his 'Bama bangs and that cute boy in Chemistry class than he does about SEC football), but to this point, the hero of the 2007 UL-Monroe game has yet to totally blow it. He has managed games and gotten the ball to playmakers, letting Glen Coffee provide the perk in Alabama's offense. This is not to say, JP has been Craig Krenzel. He has 853 passing yards on the season, and only 9 fewer completions that his counter-part for this weekend, Jevan Snead. The really surprising statistic, though, is that Wilson has only thrown 2 interceptions. And, I hate to break it to the Rebs, but he actually has a better completion percentage (59.8) than Snead (55.2).

In fact, Jevan's current statistics are pretty similar to Wilson's 2007 campaign, thus far. In 2007, JP completed 55.2% of his passes (OMG, it's the exact same! LOL!), and averaged 218 yards passing (compared with Jevan's 212, so far).

So, what gives? What can the Rebels do to force some mistakes by the senior?