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SEC Power Poll - Week 7 Ballot

So, Florida beat LSU, LSU beat Auburn, Auburn beat State, State beat Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt beat South Carolina, South Carolina beat Ole Miss, and Ole Miss beat... Florida? Boy, this has gotten complex. The four of us who put our collective mindset into the Red Solo Cup Power Poll ballot sure cannot agree on a lot with regards of "who is better than who." While we all had consensus picks on numbers 1-4, the rest of the poll was far from consensus.

For example, most voters had Kentucky at around 7 or 8, while I had them at 11. My logic? They, along with Tennessee, are the only teams without conference victories.

Ivory Tower was the lone voter with the Mississippi State Bulldogs at 12 behind even the epically awful Volunteers. His logic? "Booooooo."

Mississippi State had no duplicate votes, garnering a 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place vote.

No team was voted at 11 twice. Kentucky, State, Arkansas, and Tennessee all got the honor of being voted as the second-worst-of-the-best.

South Carolina and Vanderbilt kept flip-floppin' around our ballot and, of all things, Ole Miss and Kentucky ended up being tied at 7th.

Eh, whatever, here's our ballot. We know it's wacky and likely difficult to agree with from many, many different perspectives but so is this season thus far.








Bye weeks, what what? Never mind that,
RTR!!!11 ;)




A Bleauxout of the Tigers is just what the Gators needed for national redemption.




Georgia played uninspired whereas Tennessee played like they gave a shit. Georgia still won. The Dawgs are good. The Vols, not so much.




Well, now we just feel durned foolish for talking about how great your offense was.


South Carolina


South Carolina has jumped four spots in two weeks. A down year for the conference makes it possible for this poll to change greatly and often. Spurrier could honestly have this season steered in the right direction.




C'mon, you're smart kids. You knew this nonsense wasn't going to last. But, hey, you got to have Gameday come to your campus! Huzzah!




Kentucky, why do you elude definition? You're not good, but your 4-2 record is deceptive enough to earn you votes in polls. Your ranking relies mainly on having a winning record and other people sucking (seemingly) more.


Ole Miss


Homerism? Most likely. However, having a bye week during the biggest downward swing in Auburn's recent memory (which doesn't go back that far, mind you) helped the Rebels big time this week.




I like the new fight song, Auburn.




Arkansas fans will quickly point out their impressive offensive output against Auburn while ignoring the fact that they gave up more points to the War Plainsmen than any other of their SEC opponents thus far. Hell, a win's a win though, right?


Mississippi State


Well, State, you did what three other SEC teams couldn't do: stop Vanderbilt's bullshit circus.




I don't even know what to say anymore. There is a joke going around Vanderbilt which says something about how Phat Phil should work for FEMA because he can quickly evacuate 100,000 folks from Neyland or some silly shit, but it's not really that funny.