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Rebel Roundup

David Banner would take Three Six individually or as a group. I've got a standing argument among my friends concerning which Ole Miss-alum-dominated city gets to hang the glock-shaped "Most Ghetto" award on its wall. Take that, Memphis.

Betta not bring yo kids! Another great argument is whether Bobby Petrino's two-timing ways are the biggest joke of the SEC or Sylvester Croom's tough, mindset-changing discipline is the most hilarious hypocrisy. Put Sly back in the lead as he continues his strong and unchangeable custom of integrity - dismissing players who have absolutely no chance to see the field. Make that statement, you principled sea-mammal.

Maybe David Brandt should write for the Cup. Brandt finally showed us a glimpse of his inner hate today: "Three days after Ole Miss cornerback Marshay Green was roasted, toasted and pretty much embarrassed by the Arkansas receivers, the junior was back on the practice field, doing jump ball drills with the secondary after the rest of the Rebels had already gone inside." I hate you; I hate you; I hate you. I don't even know you, and I hate your guts!

Traffic Bump! Check it out Spirit posters - as long as the Rebs win on Saturday, we will be guaranteed to still be mathematically in the SEC West race until, at least, November 8. Unlikely? Aren't all the best things in life. Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU, could still, concievably, end up in a 5-3 tie for first place in the SEC. The next tie-breaker would be division record. Ole Miss and LSU would have the 4-1 edge over 'Bama's 2-3; Ole Miss would have the head-to-head over LSU. Impossible? Alabama hasn't won a game in November since 2005.
Just mix it up and let me smell it. I swear, man, I totally won't drink any.