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SEC Power Poll - Week 9 Ballot

Now the Power Poll is shaping up to what many (here, at least) would have imagined it being a few months ago...except for Tennessee and Auburn having their cute little "biggest disappointment" contest, of course.

Vandy and Kentucky have proven that they are still, in fact, Vandy and Kentucky. Bama holds our top spot (ARRRRRRRR TEEEEEEEEEE ARRRRRRRRR), State holds our bottom spot (RATTLE RATTLE), and the middle is the typical "who-beat-who" clusterfuck.

Enjoy and, although you never do, I would continue to ask that you please not hesitate to let us know how dumb our asses are being this week.

By the way, since we did not publish our ballot last week, the "change" fields represent the change over the last two weeks so as not to confuse anyone.








Bama has been voted number one by the cup for the last three weeks straight. I'm pretty certain they're the only team who can make such a claim.




Hanging a half-hunnerd on the Bayou Bengals in Baton Rouge is more impressive than...




...doing the same to Kentucky at the Swamp.. isn't it?




Why they haven't played (or at least, defended) like the fourth best team in the conference, it is still pretty hard to rank the Tigers any lower.


South Carolina


Early on, this season looked like it would be a complete disaster for the Gamecocks.


Ole Miss


The Rebs will be favored to win three of their last four and have a legitimate chance to take all of 'em. If Ole Miss does win out, they'll have earned this spot in the poll with a winning SEC record and victories over LSU and Florida. That is a big if though as we've learned that no game is in the bag for this team.




I know they have a better record than the two teams ranked immediately above them. I know that they've beaten the to teams ranked immediately above them. But, c'mon, Vanderbilt is not in the top half of this conference right now.




Saturday allowed us to reminisce on the days of Florida beating the ever-living hell out of half of the SEC East every season. Thank, Kentucky.




Looks like Tuberville may be out. Ummm, yeah, Auburn, that's exactly what the rest of the SEC West doesn't want... right guys?




According to The Third Saturday in Blogtober, Phil is gone after the Kentucky game. Yeah, he did win them a BCS title... ten seasons ago. While he's a Vol legend (there's a street on campus named for him for goodness sake) it's about time for him to make his leave.




It's hard to truly say whether Arkansas is a good football team or not. My gut reaction says no, but they hung in there against the Rebels, let the 'Cats sneak away with one, and exposed Auburn's "good team" facade. Getting blown out by Texas isn't too shocking, but they should have handled 'Bama better.


Mississippi State


State made Tennessee look good two weeks ago and made Middle Tennessee look serviceable last week. Kentucky should handle them with ease but you still cannot count this Bulldog team as being out of any game. Koo koo ka-choo.