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New Poll

The most recent poll has concluded. For those of you with shorter memories, this poll inquired as to how many sacks our defensive line would have by the Florida game. The winner was three which, beleive it or not, was nearly dead-on.

Our D-Lin had two-and-a-half sacks before Saturday... That's it. Only two-and-a-half sacks in four games. After the Florida game they had a total of five. The difference maker was, without any doubt, Greg "I'm on the cover of SI, what did you do this week?" Hardy.

Those are some nice Heisman hopes you've got there, Timmy.

This new poll will run until the picture of Ole Miss' post season hopefully becomes much, much clearer (let's, for simplicity's sake, say 4 weeks). This question is as follows:

Ole Miss' postseason will most-likely involve which bowl game?

Now get your ass (cursor?) over there and vote! Of course, as some of you may have guessed, the next few weeks of this blog will see a fair deal of hog slop so ignore the inevitable fact that "Ole Miss won't bowl" will be the poll's "winner."