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Gene Hickerson Passes

Gene Hickerson, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame and the man who more or less invented the "pulling guard" role, died yesterday. In his 15 NFL seasons, all spent with the Cleveland Browns, Hickerson was the lead blocker for Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, and Bobby Mitchell-all Hall of Fame tailbacks.

Hickerson also played for John Vaught's Rebels. During both his college and professional careers, Hickerson was loved by his teammates and feared by his opponents for his near perfect blend of size, power, athleticism, and speed.

Ole Miss Sports article with quotes and a detailed rundown of his accolades article video featuring several of his former teammates, including legendary tailback, Jim Brown

"He was a great friend of mine, as well as a great protector of mine... (he was) the greatest downfield blocker in the history of pro football." -Jim Brown