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Fun with statistics!

I thought it might be interesting to look at how we statistically match up with the rest of the conference.

We'll start with the basics.
Scoring offense: 5th
Scoring defense 11th
Total Offense: 4th
Total Defense: 11th
It's good to see that for the first time in a few years we're not sitting in the bottom half of the conference in both offense and defense. I've been quite happy with our offensive output, but I would like to see more sustained drives and fewer big plays. As for the defense, we obviously have some work to do if we want to be able to win more games. I've been absolutely shocked by how little our defensive backfeild has progressed over the past two years. They're still making the same freaking mistakes. Also, where the hell is Johnny Brown? He was a starter last season as a true freshman. I know that Kendrick Lewis is better in coverage, but I would love to see Brown get an increase in workload in the remainder of the season.

Rushing offense: 5th
Rushing Defense: 7th
Passing Offense: 5th
Passing Defense: 12th
Pass Efficiency: 5th
Def Pass Efficiency: 12th
With our rushing and passing offenses ranked 5th, we have shown a great deal of balance thusfar. I was worried that we would be passing too much, but we have done a great job getting our young backs the ball while not asking too much from them in their first season.
Once again, the defense is fine except for the pass defense. Whenever our opponents put the ball in the air, I worry that they've just thrown a touchdown pass. For all that Ed Orgeron did for this team, he only signed one corner back. One cornerback in three years will never breed a successful pass defense. Never. This past class, Nutt signed four and convinced Marcus Temple to walk on. I'm so glad that we now have a coach who understands that you have to recruit your weaknesses and not just the best players who will come to your school.

Interceptions: 12th
Sacks by: 3rd-T
Sacks against: 3rd-T
Hm... interceptions. I wonder why we don't have any of those. Maybe it's our lack of scholarship corner backs.
It's good to see the sacks coming from all along the defensive line. I figured that by this point Greg Hardy would have somewhere near 8 sacks and our team would have somewhere near 10. That's not the case. We've done a great job getting pressure on the quarterback.
On the flip side, while our offensive line still can't run block, they can pass block very well. Jevan isn't getting hit early very often, something that I'm sure he's happy about.