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Fun with Numbers

Not to distract from the main goal - beating Alabama - but since an impressive percentage of our reader base consists of adversarial Arkansas fans (excuse me while I call the Hawgs - "Houston Nutt" - there, that ought to bring them to the trough), I want to play some fun with numbers. In the first four games, Michael Smith got 54 touches in the Petrinoffense, while Arkansas limped to a 2-2 record with razor-thin victories over UL-Monroe (Roll Tide!) and Western Illinois and canyon-like lopsided losses to Texas and Alabama. In the last two games, a moral victory over Florida, in which Timmy and the Resurrected spent three quarters with their hands in their pants, and and actual victory over Auburn, Michael Smith, who would certainly have been the centerpiece of Nutt's offense from Day 1 had he been in Fayetteville this year, has rushed for 55 times for 318 yards.

185 of those came against what I called a historically good SEC defense. I'm wrong about some things. One of the things I clearly am not wrong about, though, is that, while Houston Nutt might not have left the Hogs locked and loaded for a run at the SEC Championship, he at least left them the thing for which he has become famous - a top-flight running back.

Am I calling out Bobby Petrino. Heaven forbid. That would indicate on my part a lack of integrity because I doubted Michael Smith at season's beginning. Of course, I'm not his coach.