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Fall Ball Notes

I am swamped with mid-terms so this is going to be to the point.

I sat down for lunch the other day with one of the members of the baseball team and we started talking about fall ball. Here are a few things I found interesting:

-Scott Bittle (The Bittler) probably will not be in the starting rotation this season. Look for him to continue his role as the closer.

-It appears we may have three left handers for the weekend rotation. Pom is one of them for sure. I was also told that Kyle Barbeck, a freshman from Blue Springs, MO, is "filthy" and will start too.

-He did not give me the name of the third lefty but I am assuming Baker or Buk. Probably not Baker though, as he described him as "not all there."

-Logan Power and Jordan Henry will be returning to their respective spots, but we have to find a replacement for MG6. Matt Smith may be that guy. Apparently he has been playing some outfield this fall and could see some playing time in left field. If they decide one of the Snyders is not ready to take over first base then expect Jeremy Travis and Michael Hubbard to fight for the final outfield spot. He did not mention any of the JUCO guys we signed.

-Speaking of the Snyders, they have been killing the ball in practice but the coaches do not think they are ready from a defensive standpoint.

-Cliff Vaughn's name was also mentioned as a replacement at first if Smith goes to left field. He has been loving the short field at OHS and his home run numbers should be a bit skewed. (I am 80 percent sure it was Cliff he said this about)

-Shortstop is going to be Evan Button.

-Taylor Hightower has been playing well enough to where he does not think he is going to be redshirted. He's been great defensively and is coming around hitting the ball. He does not think the coaching staff will redshirt him because he will be the starter next season and they do not want to start someone without any game time experience starting next season. I am not sure where this puts Henson.

-Basham is "hitting the cover off the ball." He is trying to improve his draft stock and has made big strides offensively.

That is basically all I can remember.