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BLUE 'EM OUT!!1!!1

I just checked my e-mail and saw that I had a message from Coach Nutt in my inbox. If you are a student you got this e-mail, but I figured I would post it in all of its corniness.

Hello Rebel Fans,

I am challenging all of you to show up in Ole Miss BLUE for the game
Saturday versus Auburn. I need you to be in the stands EARLY and be

Help us BLUE’EM OUT!

I know the game is early but come on out and get loud!!!! I need all of
you to be a BLUE force and help us pounce on these Tigers!

See you Saturday,
Coach Houston Nutt

I am not sure how one becomes a Blue Force, or why that should sound intimidating, but I know if there is one thing I cannot stand it is half-assed organization attempts of uniformed colors at the game. Unless you are going to provide the shirts for the fans or advertise this "Blue Force" sooner than four days before kick off you are not going to have any success. I predict this has about as much success as K-Ville/AK's Army's attempts to get students to respect them and their mindless cheers.

I just hope this Blue Out or Blue Force does not become the next Rebel Express, I'm In!, or Red Alert Rebels. Personally, I think Coach Nutt needs to spend more time worrying about the players dredlocks than sending out e-mails over the students listserve.

I really need to stop reading the Spirit board...