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BCS Busters

Allow, please, a brief interruption of non-stop Ole Miss "coverage" - something The Cup does only a little better than Marshay Green - to propose the following potentially contentious idea: a one-loss TCU team should receive a bid over any other potential undefeated from the "different but not less than" conferences.

A one-loss Texas Christian team will have beaten (current rankings reflected) #10 Utah and #17 BYU with their sole loss against #4 Oklahoma - the very weekend that the Sooners ascended to the top of the polls. I say Texas Christian because I expect them to beat Utah next weekend, and I am of the firm opinion that the champion of the Mountain West Conference will be more deserving than WAC undefeated Boise State, C-USA prefect Tulsa, or MAC mack-daddy Ball State.

The most controversial of these teams, obviously, is Boise State, who bucked into Autzen Stadium and roasted the Oregon Ducks. But, the resume of the Mountain West really outshines that of the WAC. Mountain West teams have wins over Michigan, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, and Washington some team that Ty Willingham still, apparently, coaches. WAC has Oregon, UCLA, Rutgers, and Mississippi State. Meanwhile, the other competent team from the WAC, Fresno State, fooled around and lost to Hawaii. Sorry, no dice.

The champion of the Mountain West will have survived a tough conference. That champion looks like TCU.

We return you now to your regularly-scheduled broadcast.