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Auburn Hate Week Begins... NOW

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It's on, you greasy rapscallions. After Saturday, you're going to wish you never made the trip up to Oxford. You're all gonna be like "oh man if having Alabama-cock-envy isn't bad enough, now we've gotta deal with the agony of losing to Ole Miss for the first time in five years."

Kodi Burns is a bitch. Chris Todd; he sucks too. They've got the accuracy of a toddler in potty training. Jevan Snead is gonna carve your secondary like a big, juicy, Razorback ham. Peria Jerry and Jerrell "NOM NOM NOM" Powe are going to make your center wish he was never born. Kendrick Lewis will.... ummm... likely whiff on a tackle and/or drop a potential interception.

RTR Motherfucke.... oh, wait.

Good heavens.

Anybody else see the correlation?

You know how I know you're gay? Because you have a Spy Kids poster.