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Auburn Hate Week Begins... NOW

It's on, you greasy rapscallions. After Saturday, you're going to wish you never made the trip up to Oxford. You're all gonna be like "oh man if having Alabama-cock-envy isn't bad enough, now we've gotta deal with the agony of losing to Ole Miss for the first time in five years."

Kodi Burns is a bitch. Chris Todd; he sucks too. They've got the accuracy of a toddler in potty training. Jevan Snead is gonna carve your secondary like a big, juicy, Razorback ham. Peria Jerry and Jerrell "NOM NOM NOM" Powe are going to make your center wish he was never born. Kendrick Lewis will.... ummm... likely whiff on a tackle and/or drop a potential interception.

RTR Motherfucke.... oh, wait.

Good heavens.

Anybody else see the correlation?

You know how I know you're gay? Because you have a Spy Kids poster.