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Arkansas Recap

Fuck you, Whiskey Wednesday. I am going to give my thoughts on the game before you do three days after the game. I am in Atlanta this weekend after watching an ACS high school football game and 3/4ths of a bottle of whiskey into the night and these are my thoughts.

I will address the biggest issue of this game to start off the recap. Yes, that offensive pass interference call was a load of crap. Here is the thing though, I do not care. Do not bring your complaining here because we will not want to hear it. The receiver did put two hands on the back of Marshay "I look like a Gremlin and cannot play coverage" Green and whether or not he pushed him is up for debate. (he did not push him)

I was pretty disappointed with the tackling by the defense, especially Kendrick Lewis. He may have led the team in tackles but he missed at least three tackles that I can recall off the top of my head that led to long Michael Smith runs. Also, while we were are talking about Kendrick, why can he not catch the ball? He is a converted wide receiver and has the worst hands in the secondary. Last season I remember him dropping two easy pick offs against Alabama and Florida and the one tonight against Casey Dick was pathetic. Yes, Fon Ingram redeemed him the next play, but you cannot excuse drops like that.

One defensive player not to be disappointed with is Peria Jerry. Jerry had two great sacks against Dick and seemed to be causing problems for the Arkansas line all night. Another player I felt had a good night was Allen Walker. Walker may or may not have shown up on the stat sheet but I saw him in on several plays and he pressured Dick on multiple passes.

Say what you want about Nutt, but he does not tolerate bonehead plays. Patrick Trahan had that retarded personal foul in the first quarter and I cannot remember him re-entering the game after it. Also, we are in desperate need of corner backs. Ours are a joke.

The offense performed decently. Jevan finished 14-27 with 209 yards and 2 tds and one pick and the running back by committee ended with 160 yards. Some improvement would be nice for the Auburn game, but their offense is about as pathetic as RanchReb chilling at the Levee on the weekends.

I hope you all enjoy Bobby Petrino for however long he decides to stay on board, which probably will be awhile because no one seems to want him. I agree with your arguments about Houston. The guy is so boring and only runs the ball. I mean it is not like Jevan has the fourth best ypg average in the SEC or anything. Seriously, all you inbreds can go back to your double wides and enjoy your Billy Beer and yearly vacations to Hardy, Arkansas.

Thanks for Houston and enjoy last place in the West you fuckers.

P.S. Thanks for the memories Tyrone and Phil!