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Arkansas Preview

Game Preview was written by JUCO All- American

Where to begin? Arkansas. Bobby Petrino. This guy...

Oh Arkansas, why do you taunt us so? Why do you come to this blog, talk shit, and lose games by a million points? I mean, honestly. You beat Louisiana Monroe by one point. You can blame a lot of your struggles this season on Houston Nutt leaving you without much talent, but you're significantly more talented than Louisiana Monroe. You have to blame that on poor coaching.

Anyway, on to the preview. I'm actually sort of concerned. We cannot stop the pass. Chris Smelley looked like a first round pick against our secondary. We're 12th in the SEC in passing defense. When it comes to defending the pass, we just blow. Unfortunately for us, Arkansas has a fifth-year senior at quarterback and several decent receiving threats. I'm not just pretending to be a little worried. I really am.

Still, whether it's a game rests entirely on the shoulders of Casey Dick. I'm not concerned about our ability to stop the run or move the ball well against their poorly coached defense. We shouldn't have trouble running or passing, but I expect us to pass more than run if for nothing else than to shove it down Arkansas' throat further than... well you get the picture. Really far.