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Arkansas Hate Week - The Long and Winding Road

Rebel fans who have been with us longer than a year remember a time when "Arkansas Hate Week" would have been a pretty distant hypothetical. Sandwiched between a trip to Tuscaloosa (See: Alabama Hate Week) and an appointment with the Plainsmen, I certainly felt a little too swamped to be sweating the swine.

Nevertheless, here we are - renting airplanes.

And why? Because we here at RSC have visitors like Stephen Colboar (clever girl!):
Hotty Totty gosh almighty,
Houston's bout to shit the potty


Or the ever-entertaining Gonzohog:
You might be wasting your time with these folks Yellow Tail, as I have. What does it tell you when thier listening to the mighty ESPN BS, over fans that's followed thier team for a lifetime? Drinking a lot of cool-aid down yonder in Rebel land these days.

The irony that Gonzo spelled "cool" correctly in the general context, but not in the specific context of Kool-Aid, is certainly not lost on me.

And those two gems paled in comparison to these great firestorms. The larger point is this - if you happen to be one of our loyal readers who objects to lewd and offensive language and/or inflammatory "logic," be prepared; there's about to be some hog slop in these parts.* And it may well be misspelled.

*Note: I've got nothing but love for our neighbor, Yellow Tail Swine. He's a misguided, belligerent Hog fan, but, by God, he can think and type at the same time. Huzzah!