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Are you ready? Yes, for a celebrity.

The pre-game/Allstate/Big Buck Sports/Newk's/Rebel Rags Hotty Toddy has been lacking of late. For the South Carolina game, they brought in Montgomery Gentry, which is a knock off Brooks 'n' Dunn. Vanderbilt was Jim Nantz, which I'm sure took one phone call due to media connections. Memphis had the Nutt, which is completely appropriate.

Oh I forgot Samford, and who wouldn't? It's Samford. They could've gotten Jessica Simpson's boobs to do the Hotty Toddy, and we still wouldn't have sold that damn place out.

With this in mind, it's time to realize that we may never have a big time celebrity come in and do the Hotty Toddy, so let's look at a few future prospects that would send me to the limits of my sanity.

1.) Frank Caliendo- Oh, I get it. You do impersonations to be funny. Very fresh idea, and while your Charles Barkley is amazing, I can't stand this guy. I hope he turns into the next Carrot Top....seriously, where the hell is that guy these days?

2.) Scott Stapp- Name doesn't ring a bell? The former lead singer for Creed? There's been plenty of hate on this guy, but if he ever does the Hotty Toddy, that's the day I hand in my Ole Miss fandom. He's the definition of a no-talent ass clown. The announcer at the Southland Greyhound park has more talent(you know, the guy that says, "here comes Rusty" on the homestretch).

3.) Gilbert Gottfried- Here's an asshole whose claim to fame is the fact that he's annoying. Plus, he tried to cheat Kelly, Zach and the gang out of their money when they were in Las Vegas. C'mon, you know you watched it.

The disappointing thing is that many Rebel fans would probably be excited to have any of these E-list celebrities. We've raised the standard for our team on the field, now it's time to raise the pre-game atmosphere to where it needs to be.