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Women of the Opposition: Vanderbilt

We're back with a formidable task: making the women of our SEC opponents look rather unbecoming, fat and/or generally unattractive.
This week we take on Vanderbilt, and while the women of this university are intelligent(see: not what men are interested in), they also have loads and loads of money(see: what people at Ole Miss are interested in).
These women must be taken with a grain of salt, because whilst unsavory, they could be heir to the Post-It note fortune.
We do give props to those Vandy women that are upholding the high standard for beauty in the SEC.
Just pick out one or two and don't wander too far to the right

It hurts me a little to write this as my cousin is a current student at Vanderbilt, and although my roots are Southern, I can't quite bring myself to rate her on a scale of one to ten nor put her on this philandering website for your consumption.

However, your input is more than welcome. Bring on your tales of Vanderbilt ugliness.