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Women of the Opposition: Samford

In our continued attempts at cheap humor and pre-game "analysis," we would like to bring you our Samford edition of Women of the Opposition! Google truly is wonderful, as all of these results were gathered simply by entering "Samford girls" into the image search. The first two even come from official Samford websites... Yep, they couldn't find anything much better than what you're about to see to put on an official based page. Huzzah, small Baptist schools!

Stripes make you look thin! Or, wait, is it.... damn.

Horray! Abstinence!

All smiles at Samford!

Ok, ok, I'm done. If you put aside the silly cheap shots and look at this objectively, you'll see that Samford gals ain't half bad. Some of them are even pretty damn fine. The aforementioned Google search led me to Miss Keisha Walding, better known as Miss Alabama USA. Miss Walding is a Samford Bulldog and also, no lie, one of the most photogenic gals I've ever seen.

Good night, Keisha. If you're planning on attending the upcoming matchup between your Bulldogs and my Rebels, I've got a Grove tent or ten I'd like you to stop by at.