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Women of the Opposition: Florida

Much of the discussion about this weekend's game has centered around QB/Biblical figure Tim Tebow. The life of an SEC QB lends itself to certain privileges, such as beautiful women flocking to the south of your equator.

Indeed, Florida women are of a higher quality than some we have seen this season (see: Memphis). However, we fans at Ole Miss still allow ourselves to hold our gorgeous women up onto a pedestal for it is one of the few things we remain competitive in for consecutive football seasons.

This is contrary to the popular belief that all women in Mississippi look like this, this or this.

Florida, congratulations on your Heisman trophy winning QB who was last seen multiplying loaves of bread and fish for a multitude of people, but your women are just not up to par.

We dress up for our games, so we don't look like these screaming swamp strumpets.