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Who Is This Guy? Tim Tebow.

Okay, so you've likely heard of Tim Tebow. He won some trophy. Also, were he not saving the whales from the pandas (or something like that), he has the surely has the capacity to do some all-star debauching. But this is Superman, not Lex Luthor. He uses his powers for good and not evil.

What exactly can Superman do? Well, he can complete 145 passes without throwing an interception, shattering Danny Wuerffel's record of 121. He can shatter Emmitt Smith's career rushing TD record (36) sometime in the next few weeks (he has 31 ... for now). He's also able to leap over large objects in a single bound.

But what does Clark Kent do? You know, besides medical mission trips and all that. That is actually a pretty good question. I don't know the answer.

Oh, yeah. That.