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Who Is this Guy? Riley Skinner

Efficiency is the name of the game for the man destined to be the greatest quarterback in the history of Wake Forest football - Riley Skinner.

Stop laughing.

Okay, laugh a little bit. Heck, Skinner did:
"It's not too impressive of a record, I guess," said Skinner, who rifled a career-best three touchdown passes to lead the victory. "It feels nice. I just hope I can add onto it a little."

Nevertheless, a team like the 2008 edition of the Rebels cannot afford to overlook the "best in the history" of anything. So, Skinner's performance (27-36-220, 0 INT, 3 TD) against the admittedly pedestrian Baylor Bears is notable, if for no other reasons than Baylor can't be much worse than the hapless Tigers and Skinner's stat line reads better than Jevan Snead's traditionally ordered string of numbers (10-22-185, 0 INT, 2 TD). And, in fact, Skinner connected on 17 of his first 19.

If you're still laughing about the winningest quarterback in Wake Forest history, perhaps your revelry will subside with the knowledge that Skinner returns for his junior season after being the nation's most efficient quarterback in 2007 - 72 percent of his passes were completions.

Whoopity-doo, Basil, what's it all mean? The Rebels will be lucky if they get an interception off of this guy. But, the aggressive style of aerial defense employed against Memphis will hopefully force Jim Grobe to turn to his running game, which gained a respectable but deficient when compared to the Rebs' 156 yards against Baylor.

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Post Scriptum: Clearly, I Google Imaged "Riley Skinner" to obtain the photo reproduced above. Google Imaging "Riley Skinner" is neither family-friendly nor safe for work. And while that link is SFW, I would follow the chain no further.