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Who Is This Guy? Matt Malouf

My thunder has been stolen.

QB: Remember Matt Malouf? A quarterback from our very own Oxford High? We recruited him as a wide receiver, but he chose Memphis because they would let him play quarterback. Well, apparently he's not as good as Arkelon Hall. I'll let that sink in for a minute. Arkelon Hall. Anyway, Malouf transferred to Samford, where, of course, he would be able to start immediately.

Yeah, okay, so there really isn't that much to say about Matt Malouf. But, "not the starter" doesn't really accurately describe his playing time. Whatever his status might have been at the beginning of the year, Malouf took a significant number of his team's snaps (10-12-101 with no Touchdowns or interceptions) in the season opener, but saw limited action against Faulkner, who, as I've already noted, was a cupcake by Samford's standards.

Why Malouf only attempted 4 passes against the cupcake in Week 2 after completing 10 of 12 against a legitimate opponent in Week 1 is not within my purview.

Will hordes of Oxonians show up to support the home-town boy? No, probably not. Would I rather have Jevan Snead than Matt Malouf as my quarterback? Why, yes, I think so. Nevertheless, a team can make statements against FCS teams. Nine times out of ten, those statements are not positive. I'd like to make a positive, or at least, neutral statement tomorrow by paying attention to the offensive leaders of this team.

And by "paying attention," I obviously mean "making [them] look like grossly intoxicated senior citizens with vertigo and, perhaps, mild mental retardation."