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Who Is This Guy? D.J. Moore

He is an All-SEC Cornerback, silly. And he plays for Vanderbilt.

But you knew that already, didn't you? We're in the SEC schedule. You all know the two-deep on both sides of the ball for every team, right? Right, well, nevertheless, just for consistency's sake, we should probably establish what makes Moore so special.

29 yards is one special thing - that's how many Moore is averaging on punt returns so far. So, if we (averaging 38.4 yards per punt) kick to Moore this Saturday, we're looking at statistics as bad as about 10 net punt yards when our offense is held. The 'Dores also use Moore in the sporadic offensive maneuver. He has two rushes for 37 yards and sees time at Wide Receiver. Of course, considering the fact that his quarterback has attempted about as many passes as Wes Carroll completes on a good day, Moore is unlikely to be a real threat as a wideout. His 206 all-purpose yards on 7 touches against Rice, though, was the difference between Vanderbilt looking competent-to-impressive against the Owls, rather than a likely wash-out.

Not to mention his two interceptions in Vanderbilt's shocking win over South Carolina. And he's not alone. Vanderbilt's defense has cobbled together 6 interceptions en route to respectability.

The long and the short is that Vanderbilt has a playmaker on offense that everyone worried Ole Miss fans are talking about. There's a playmaker on defense and special teams, though, that might make more of a difference on Saturday.