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Week 2 Statistics: How to Lie with Numbers Edition

Statistical leaders for the SEC are available, as always, at SECSports dot com. And here are a few of the more fun ones:
  • Auburn's historically good SEC defense is, you didn't guess it, 6th in Total Defense behind South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Miss. State, and LSU. (Ole Miss - 12th).
  • Arkansas leads the conference in passing offense. Does this mean that Casey Dick is better than advertised? I'm guessing it might mean something more along the lines of UL-Monroe being able to put their second-teamers in against the Hawgs. (Ole Miss - 3rd).
  • Vanderbilt's secondary has already hauled in five interceptions. There are two teams in the conference with none (LSU and Arkansas). Meanwhile, the Rebels at 6th in the conference have only 2.
  • Were you disappointed with Rob Park the last two weekends? We beat up on the guy sometimes, but his workmanship has the Rebels at the middle of the pack in punting at 33.1 yards per punt. We're averaging 10 more yards per punt that the last team in the conference (Tennessee) and 7 yards fewer than the leader (Auburn).
  • Two games, still no sacks allowed by the Rebels. South Carolina, caboosing the league, has allowed nine that have cost the Cocks 39 yards. Arkansas at 11th have lost 55 yards on 8 sacks.
  • Think Auburn's and Mississippi State's offenses sucks? Too bad, because they've gained one more first down (41) on the season than Ole Miss (40). The Dogs and Tigers are tied for third in the league. Ole Miss is fifth. Vanderbilt has 32.
  • Knowshon Moreno leads the league in points. Casey Dick leads in Total Offense. Charles Scott of LSU leads in All-Purpose Yards. Jamarca Sanford lead in Total Tackles. Jonathan Cornell leads in Tackles for Loss.

It's all there in black and white for you folks. And they don't lie.