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Trenton Marshall back on the market

Recently, Trenton Marshall told the coaches at Oklahoma State that he will be re-opening his recruitment.

If you remember, it was between us and Okie State for Marshall. I really hope we end up with him. If our class for next year is Marshall and Reggie Buckner, it will easily be the best rated class we've ever had. Apparently, some people think that Marshall is good enough to be one and done. I sure hope he is if he comes to Ole Miss.

Let's take a look at what our team would look like if Marshall signed with us. I have to add that someone would have to transfer out for this to be possible, but I won't guess at who that will be.

PG: Chris Warren (Jr.) / Will Bogan (So.)
SG: David Huertas (Sr.) / Terrico White (So.) / Trevor Gaskins (Jr.)
SF: Eniel Polynice (Sr.) / Trenton Marshall (Jr.) / Zach Graham (Jr.) / Reggie Buckner (Fr.)
PF: DeAundre Cranston (Sr.) / Terrance Henry (So.) / Murphy Holloway (So.)
C: Malcolm White (Jr.) / Kevin Cantinol (So.)

The only two players on that list that I'm not particularly excited about are Bogan and Cantinol, and those two certainly have the capability to be good. Look how deep that team would be. Sweet Sixteen, here we come.