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This just in... LaQuinton Ross is in fact 17 years old.

There was a lot of suspicion that 2011 SG prospect LaQuinton Ross was seventeen years old. This should clear that up.

There's just something weird about that. Sure, he's talented, but that's against kids that are 2-3 years younger than he is. I'm sure he's getting a lot of press now. I just wonder how much better he'll get by the time he's a senior.

Also, if the reason is really because he took seventh and eighth grade twice since his AAU coach wanted him to be highly ranked as a recruit, that's really sad. What if he's not all that and a bag of potato chips? What if he never makes it to the NBA? You just wasted two years of the kid's life and the opportunity to grow up with people his own age. Great job man.

I'm sure we'll recruit him, and we may even sign him. I'm sure I'll be happy to have the #1 basketball player in the country committed, but I'm going to temper my enthusiasm for the kid. He should be a senior but is a sophomore.