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SEC Power Poll: Week 5 Ballot

There was a good deal of movement this week. Most notably, the top two teams in the West replaced the top two teams of the East. Alabama made the biggest jump (+3) while Florida suffered the greatest fall (-3). Hell, even Mississippi State moved up! Enjoy and let us know what you think.








The nation's wackiest fanbase can now legitimize their wackiness. We made fun of Bama fans for claiming their Tide was "back" but, if these first few weeks are any indicator, they were right. RTR!!!1 ;)




LSU won, Florida and UGA lost. A great football tradition is watching LSU make MSU's quarterbacks run around like a blind kid with his hair on fire en route to a 4-5 touchdown win. That didn't happen, and we feel shortchanged.




Georgia came back to make the score against Bama look respectable, but it just wasn't. That game was terrible. If you're going to have a blackout against a top-ten team, be sure to come out onto the field with your head on the outside of your ass.




Ranking Georgia and Florida is hard this week. Both teams got snuck up on in a bad way by West teams, yet both are likely to rebound and do great things this season. Who would have thought Meyer's offense would be so very, very one dimensional and predictable against Ole Miss?




This offense straight up blows. No two ways about it. Tubberville is a great coach, and will find ways to keep good offenses in check and manage the game, but they will lose some just because of their terrible quarterback situation.




Blah blah, undefeated blah. Vanderbilt is ranked above six SEC teams on this ballot, alright? Don't ask for much more, especially after a bye-week.


Ole Miss


Chompy-chomp-chomp. The Rebels are only a few plays removed from 5-0 which, while a bit of an excruciating thought, shows how far this team has recovered from Hurricane Orgeron's wreckage.




Undefeated at the end of September, huh? That's nice, but could you please PLAY A CONFERENCE GAME ALREADY!?!


South Carolina


The Cocks had a good win against a decent UAB team, and close games against Vandy and Georgia. A win against Ole Miss on the road would a big confidence boost. Spurrier could still salvage this season. Let's just hope that doesn't begin this Saturday.




Rocky Top! You just might be, the worst in Tennessee! Poor ol' Rocky Top! PHEEEEWWWW! Won't beat Vaaaaaannddyyyyyyyy!


Mississippi State


Guess what Bullpups? You're the only team in our Power Poll ballot to jump after a loss! Moral victory! HUZZAH! RATTLE RATTLE!




Houston Nutt coached the Razorbacks against Texas thrice, winning twice. How's Bobby doing in that department? Razorback fans honestly act as if they should compete with Texas with some sort of consistency. The Longhorns and their 55-21 all-time series lead beg to differ.