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SEC Power Poll: Week 2 Ballot

Here's our SEC Power Poll ballot. The complete Power Poll should be complete Wednesday-ish for all of the SEC Blogosphere to enjoy. This week wasn't an easy one to evaluate because of the bye-weeks and mostly low-caliber opponents but we gave it a shot. Remember, comments and the like are greatly appreciated.








Georgia whooped up on a lesser school, again. Snoozefest. We're guessing Richt is saving up his theatrics for upcoming showdowns with Alabama and Florida.




Who would have imagined a Florida vs. Miami game would have been so boring. A 26-3 win isn't very impressive, especially when you consider the fact that it was a one score game heading into the 4th quarter.




Larry Fedora's "offense" was pathetic against Auburn's stellar D. They've certainly got the best defense in the conference so the offensive growing pains won't matter in most of the games they play this season.




Dear Andrew Hatch/Jarrett Lee, feel free to file your complaints with the Cup after you have played in a football game against even one FBS athlete because, to date, that's something neither of you have done.




They're certainly in the top half of the SEC, if just barely, but needing special teams feats to defeat Tulane is pretty pathetic. Bama fans ought hold their enthusiasm close to their heart until after they meet Georgia in Sanford Stadium in Week 4, lest their cup be half full of hubris.




I love the SEC. Vandy's stadium was packed for that Thursday night ESPN game. I'd love to see Stanford, Northwestern, Baylor and whatever other "token nerd schools" there are in each conference do that. Whether or not Vandy can sustain this momentum will be one of the most interesting stories of the season.




Rich Brooks has got to be seriously confused about whether or not this is bullshit. The big wins over Louisville and Norfolk State tell us so little about the Wildcats. But they certainly are not enough to legitimately convince me that everything we thought about Kentucky is off base.


Ole Miss


Jevan Snead will own the SEC soon. It's just a shame his coach doesn't let him throw the ball, right? No team we rank below the Rebels can say with any confidence that they would've beaten Wake Forest or played them as closely as Nutt's congregation did.




Phillip Fulmer's pants are smokin'. The Volunteers have an off-week to figure out how they totally blew it against UCLA. Meanwhile, they next face a UAB team that lost convincingly to Florida Atlantic. If they can't figure it out by then, they deserve to stay right where they are on this arbitrary poll.


South Carolina


Yeah, this happens when you lose to Vanderbilt twice in a row.




Easily the worst 2-0 team in America. Quietly, Casey Dick is leading the SEC in a number of quarterback categories, including pass yards per game. He does so quietly in an effort to call as little attention as possible to the profoundly bad football team around him.


Mississippi State


Louisiana Tech's less-than-embarrassing performance against #12 Kansas (whose rank is, admittedly, inflated) takes a little bit of the sting out of the 'Dogs loss in Ruston. But only a little bit.