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SEC Power Poll: Week 1

The full Power Poll should be up soon but, for right now, we'll fill all of you in on our ballot. As per usual, the completed poll can be viewed at Garnet and Black Attack or the new official website of the Power Poll.

Anyway, here they are, 1-12:

1. Florida - Wow, what a beatdown. Hawaii didn't even have a chance. The exixtence of Tebow and the injuries being endured by Georgia vault the Gators to the top spot.

2. Georgia - They had a comfortable enough lead to sit their starters... at halftime. What is this, the NFL preseason?

3. LSU - Neither Tiger quarterback was too impressive, but they weren't terrible. LSU's defense is pretty stellar, as per the usual. Although the QB question still lingers, it's hard to rank the Bayou Bengals any lower.

4. Auburn - Auburn's running the spread? Really? Well what kind of spread puts up 300+ rushing yards on anybody? While they handily defeated ULM, either Kodi Burns or Chris Todd needs to get a solid grasp on Tony Franklin's offense if Auburn expects to live up to preseason expectations.

5. Alabama - BAMA'S BACK MOTHERFUCKERS! No, not like last time, or the time before that, it's for REALS this time! RTR! (HT: Erik of DeepSouthSports) Ok, ok, defeating Clemson was impressive and what not, but this is fairly typical of both teams as of late. In the last few seasons, Bama has played some teams up and some teams down while Clemson has routinely faceplanted to ruin their hopeful season.

6. South Carolina - Whoopin' up on NCState isn't nearly as cool as one may think it is. Ellis Johnson is a helluva coach and their defense will be ready to play, but many SEC teams will not be forgiving to a 4 interception performance at quarterback.

7. Ole Miss - So that's what a competent offense looks like? Fantastic, I say! If we can continue to improve offensively we should have no trouble scoring on anybody. However, we gave up way too many yards against Memphis to rest on our laurels. Our defensive front needs to get healthy and our secondary needs to make a few more clutch plays during SEC play if we're to go bowling this winter.

8. Kentucky - On paper, a 27-2 defeat of a rival is pretty impressive. In reality though, Kentucky failed to impress many this weekend. They made some plays with their defense but their offense needs serious improvement.

9. Tennessee - The conference's best secondary allowed a 3rd string, Pac-10, JUCO transfter quarterback throw all over them during the second half. Tennessee certainly was outcoached by Nieuheüßellenbürg (I have no clue how to spell his name) and Chow, but I think they also outcoached themselves a little bit.

10. Vanderbilt - Being Vanderbilt hurts. Honestly, they're only lower than Tenn because of our expectations for the rest of the season. Chris Nickson could give folks fits this season as he ran the ball all over the place against Miami (OH).

11. Arkansas - I'm sure that all of this is somehow HDN's fault. Nevermind the fact that the playcalling was suspect or the fact that Western Illinois is enjoying their inaugural season in Division I because, dammit, "Hootie left the cupboard bare!" Right?

12. Mississippi State - Last season, LA Tech was shut out by the worst team in the SEC. We told you Croom was terrible, but none of you would listen. I hope you Bullpups have a grand time forking out large sums of money for an awful coach over the next few years. But, it's alright, you've got that character problem solved!

Whaddaya think?