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The Saturday Pre-Grove Report and Commentzorz

Law dog training has me down this morning. I'm tied to the old computer. I'm in ur lawyr bookz. Protektin ur ritez.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the mediocre Maryland Terps of the left-for-dead ACC treating UC-Berkley like my dog back home treated the clothes on the line that time before I never saw him again.

Nate Longshore must be just torn up about that damn tree.

Meanwhile, the score at the beginning of the 2nd quarter is 21-3 in favor of the Terps. Like any good SEC fan, I only root for the Golden Bears when they are derailing USC's national title hopes. So, here's to you Terrapins ... whatever that is.

Pre, during, or post-game comments on Ole Miss or others are welcome. A few starter points:

  • Breaking fifty points is important for me today. Your thoughts?
  • The only SEC team Ohio State might be able to look forward to getting embarrassed by will be in the Citrus Bowl.
  • Notre Dame beats Michigan today and without rhyme or reason enters the Top 25.
  • If Vanderbilt is 3-0 after today, they will be ranked for their visit to Oxford next weekend, and the rationale voters will use is a) pity for Bobby Johnson and b) and inexplicably close game between the defeated South Carolina Gamecocks and the glorious Georgia Knowshons.
  • Auburn and Mississippi State gets ugly fast. Auburn tailbacks embarrass the Bulldog defensive front.