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Rebel Roundup

Hurricanes! It's always hurricanes! The Rebels, after having survived a record-setting three-year human tropical storm, now have their eyes firmly set on the Atlantic Ocean worrying about how Tropical Storm Hanna will effect their Saturday afternoon game against Wake Forest.

And on that note. David Brandt points out how difficult it will be to play in the rain against a team known for creating turnovers.

So what does Jim Grobe think? Well, here's what Jim Grobe thinks. The newspaper calls it "cautious optimism." But, when you've got Wake positioned as the top dog in a BCS conference, I'm thinking Jim is more optimistic than he is cautious. And for good reason.

What's the HTML command for "knocking on wood? The Bleacher Report says if anyone has a chance to make some noise this weekend it's Ole Miss. Why? The hurricane, stupid! Ole Miss has four or five big-time runners, while Wake Forest has a pass-heavy offense. Rain favors the running game.

Rain favors the running game?

Hallelujah, baby! Make it rain!