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The LOLCat Offense

The Wildcat. The Wild Rebel. The McClusterfuck.

Whatever you call it, the new triple-option offense we ran every few downs on Saturday is exciting. It worked at Arkansas and it's looking like it will work here. Dexter McCluster is quick and elusive. Brandon Bolden is hard as hell to bring down. Jevan Snead doesn't suck ass. All of these factors combined make this offense truly dangerous.

A couple of weeks ago, Whiskey Wednesday and I were drunkenly babbling about football (an incredibly common occurrence, believe me) and came up with the 2nd best* name we've heard describe this offense yet: The LOLCat offense.

What is a LOLCat? Check it, lawya.

We derived this name from our (incorrect) theory that our version of the Wildcat would either be highly ineffective or fail miserably. This theory sprung from our personal tendencies to prefer a pro style offense and our team's lack of one Darren "Getter of dat Wood" McFadden, esq. Also, we're still a bit burnt by Brent Schaeffer's 5-star rating and have become hopelessly immune to optimism.

So, anyway, we were horribly wrong and we couldn't be more delighted about this fact. The offense worked well, netting us 14 yards per attempt out of the formation and two touchdowns. If Dexter McCluster and Brandon Bolden stay healthy for the remainder of the season, we should see a touchdown or so every game out of the LOLCat. I'm serious.

Oh, and as one would imagine, we've made our very own Dexter McCluster LOLCat. You may be seeing these every now and then until a cease and desist order is issued.

NOTE: Thanks to Danny Klimentz of the Associated Press for not yet sending us a nasty email for shamelessly lifting your photo.

*The best is, of course, the McClusterfuck. NAFOOM came up with that one first, Arkansas trolls.