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Live to Win!

Thanks to EDSBS, we're now able to bring you a "highlight" video of the Mississippi State Auburn matchup. Remember, highlight reels usually consist of big plays, game-changing hits, and something people call "touched downs" or whatever. Well, this video has none of the above. But, what it lacks in good football it makes up for with incomplete passes, missed field goals, and penalty flags. Observe and enjoy the comically appropriate tune to which this video is set.

Keep in mind, Auburn scored all five points in that game. As you can see, the safety was the result of an endzone holding call; State didn't earn those points. Auburn netted themselves a total of 1 point (don't get all "mathematician" on me and pull out some "absolute value" bullshit, alright?) and still managed to win. It's ok, you can laugh.

All joking aside, we Ole Miss Rebels should view last Saturday's debacle as a good sign for our possibilities in the SEC West this season. Neither State nor Auburn have displayed talented or well-called offenses. They're certainly both very talented on defense, but neither team is capable of holding us under three scores or so. Of course, we're not even 1/3 of the way through the regular season, but we've got the 2nd highest scoring offense in the West, while Auburn and Sate have the two lowest scoring offenses. Yes, as it stands now, our defense is a putrid last in the SEC West while Auburn's is a stellar first; but Saturday's game is not incredibly indicative of Mississippi State who is only 4th in the division. (Info from

We knew State was beatable. Now, it seems, Auburn is certainly a winnable game.