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Jerrell Powe: Leader of the Band

(HT: Friends of the Program)

I've been accused by people who know me (not you all, I'm anonymous, right?) of a sort of gentile social progressivism. It's where the name comes from. Perhaps I betray my secret identity by admitting that I proclaim the variant "The South is a nice place to live" at the end of "Slow Dixie," instead of the dominant "...will rise again!"

This high-minded moralism is where the name Ivory Tower comes from. Thanks for visiting, now let me head on over to the restroom and drop off a little change we can believe in.

But for The New York Times and everyone else who felt the need to note with disdain in their pre-debate articles that Ole Miss still played "Dixie" at football games, I give you Jerrell Powe leading the band. This 300+ poor black man from Waynesboro, MS got a rush out of "Dixie" this weekend for the same reason most other Ole Miss fans do - because it's a fight song, not a political statement.

Hey, Langston, in case it's still flying under your radar: Powe. On the 'tron. Are you ready? Do it.