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Germans... but hi-larious

Mississippi State commitment Pernell McPhee, a defensive end from ICC, visited Ole Miss for the Ole Miss/Memphis game.

Here's the free recap article from scout.

Obviously, the best line is this:
"I have never gotten anything from them. I am not really being recruited by Ole Miss, but I hope they notice me this year. I really liked the atmosphere there. The fans are pumped and you can tell they are hungry to win. It was kind of crunk up there. They need someone like me waiving my arms at the crowd. I will get it even more crunker."

There's no way you can convince me that Ole Miss fans are "crunk". Sure, some of us are, but most sit on their hands and talk to the friend next to them. But if we sign McPhee, he promises to get it "even more crunker." That's gonna kick ass. Maybe we can "supercrunkify" the whole campus. Let's pipe Glenfiddich into the Turner Center water fountains and do panty raids at the Lyceum. As Brian Fellows might say, "That would be CRAZY!"

"I have three of my teammates from last year that play for S' Eastern LA [RSC note: He probably didn't say S'Eastern LA]. I want to go see what they got now (laugh). I do not want to see the MSU coaches though. I will want to know how they could lose to a team like La Tech. SEC schools do not do that."

I'm guessing this quote is already the signature for four or five spirit and rivals posters. Remember. This is a Mississippi State COMMITMENT. I wonder what they told him when he asked. "We were just outcoa- I mean... character?"