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The Foghonr's-a-blaring in Nashville

If you missed last nights Vandy/USC game then you truly missed a Vandy game that was insanely interesting to watch. Since we play the 'Dores and the 'Cocks very soon, it was a good opportunity for us to scope out the opposition. Here are a few observations we made:

1. That damn foghorn... I swear. Even Chris Fowler thought it was stupid.

2. Neither Nickson or Smelley were at all impressive. Nickson proved that he is incredibly elusive and, given enough time, can make a spectacular throw or two. Smelley stank it up (HA!) and may ride the pine in favor of Garcia sooner rather than later.

3. South Carolina has an offensive line of underacheivers and Vanderbilt has a defensive line of overachievers.

4. Jared Cook, brother of the beefy wordsmith Jason Cook, will likely end up as an all-SEC tight end by the end of the season.

5. Vanderbilt plays hard. They're most definitely last in the conference as far as talent is concerned, but they're at or close to the top in terms of not letting their opponents push them around. You've really gotta admire and somewhat fear that in an opponent.

6. Obviously, special teams killed South Carolina. Why that upman was anywhere near the falling put is beyond me and the blocked field goal further proves points number 3 and 5. If South Carolina's special teams woes continue to haunt them in the upcoming weeks we should easily be able to capitalize on whatever mistakes they make.

7. How many interceptions are South Carolina quarterbacks going to throw? It's only the second week of the season and they've thrown, what, 6 or something by now? That's unhealthy.

All things considered, the upcoming matchups with the Commodores and Gamecocks are certainly winnable games. South Carolina makes a lot of mistakes and Vanderbilt easily capitalizes on opponents mistakes. If we are mistake free against Vandy, we win. If South Carolina makes typical South Carolina mistakes against us, we win. If neither are the case, well, we are.... Ole Miss.